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Do NOT believe the positive reviews about Hera Tiles & Stones and Alameda Design Center. My girlfriend bought a kitchen cabinets, 2400 square feet of Travertine flooring and granite for her kitchen, bathrooms and fireplace. To educate you further about Hera Tiles Owner/CEO is nothing but a money hungry business person. Eser Yavuz took advantage of my girlfriend because she came to the Alameda Design Center showroom by herself. She is asian minority who speaks little English. She told Owner?CEO Esser Yavuz that she will remodel her home in fairfield ca. Of course what is a woman knows about natural stones or kitchen cabinets. He sold her the lowest quality of kitchen cabinet, low grade of travertine flooring and granite then charge her for the high end prices. First and foremost Esser Yavuz deliver a damage kitchen cabinets like they have been installed, returned and resold to my girlfriend. Some of the tiles were cracked during delivery by a big trucking company. They came in 4 big crates from the Store.

Her general contractor open the crates and each crates has at least 100 sq ft damage tiles. When my girlfriend called them they refused to answer and or talk to her about it. Her total inventory is close to $15.000. dollor for the 2400.sq feet of travertine and the complete kitchen cabinet. HENCE: She ordered the "cherry shaker" cabinet in solid cherry wood. They deliver the wrong cabinet and gave her the traditional kitchen cabinet. She bought the merchandise at the "Alameda Design Center" owned and operated by Esser Yavuz. The owner sent a cabinet installer who is non knowledgeable about installing. They were a disaster and waste of money.

She finally got the Owner/CEO Esser Yavuz to come to Fairfield and check the job site. He drove to my girlfriends house and inspect the the workmanship of the kitchen cabinets, the granites, and the travertines. He agree the merchandise are not in good condition. He told my girlfriend he will come back with his workers to fix all the damage. Esser Yavuz never came back as he had agreed. We both are struggling to get the owner of Hera Tiles and Alameda Design Center to have a mediator to resolve the matter. Esser Yavuz declined and ignored this matter. I suggested to my girlfriend to take them to court, let the judicial make the decission. My girlfriend was so stressed out for over 2 years now. . Nothing!!!they refused everything everytime she call. She filed a lawsuit againts Alameda Design Center to the Solano Superior Court House in Solano County.

She went to the court hearing and the judge was ecstatic, shock how the business treat their customers. The judge decission was a favor to my girlfriend. He fines Esser Yavuz, owner/CEO committed fraudulent and he must pay for the damages. The judge order Alameda Design Center to pay the maximum amount allowed $7.500.00 in January 2010. Esser Yavuz, Owner/CEO of Alameda Design Center and Hera Tiles & Stone filed an Appeal on February 2010. The hearing was held in a different city in Vallejo Ca Superior Court. On this hearing Esser Yavuz is making false statement. He testified that my girlfriend was soliciting sex towards Alameda Design Center employee when they work on her house in Fairfield. The judge was pretty disgusted and upset about Esser Yavus false allegation regarding sexual misconduct to my girlfriend. The judge stated to Esser Yavuz why he bring this false allegations now and not during the first hearing.

The appeal judge she also gave the favorable decission to my girlfriend. She also order Esser Yavuz, Owner/Ceo of the Alameda Design Center and Hera Tiles and Stones. She fined him the full amount of $7500.00 PLUS daily interest and court fees. As of today is June 19, 2012, Esser Yavuz and his business has NOT paid a DIME. This is a very corrupt business person avoiding 2 judges orders and decission. You can follow up or call the Solano Superior Court house in Fairfield Ca and learn that I am telling the truth about these 2 companies. This are a public records and anyone can access them just call and asked about this Case number: FSC056086. Please do your homework and research thoroughly before you will become the next victim like my girlfriend..Good luck with your home project..Thank You for reading my review.

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